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Ideal for Handymen, Freelancers & Home services
  • 1 Page E-Bullitin web display
  • Promote your skills & services
  • Display your Contact Info
  • Image gallery
  • Send mass newsletters
  • Search engine ready

"Ready To Go"

Customized for the entrepreneur in you
  • Unique design & Logo integration
  • Free Marketing & Promotion tools
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social media integration
  • Free customized email
  • Project gallery


Distinctive, vogue & unexpected "First class in every way"
  • Exclusive layout and design
  • Free Marketing & Promotion tools
  • Speak to our graphic designer and find out how we can capture your e-vision and create a Wow Factor for your customers each and every time.

"Shopping Carts"

Classically Simple
"A class by itself"
  • Unique custom design for every budget
  • Automated invoices and shipping cost
  • Free Marketing & Promotion tools
  • Fully extensible into your website
  • Credit card payment gateway
  • Unlimited products


Do you Really like your current website?
Is it painting a picture that you want your customers to see?
Does your website cover your new products and services?

If not...

"Hire a Professional"

Web design companies come and go!

With over twenty years of combined experience we know how to create stunning, visually appealing websites that will build relationships with online visitors and turn that online connection into loyal engaged customers who come back time and again.

We understand the limitations and frustration of most “Do-It-Yourself” website services and take pride in custom designing a website for you to maximize your online and market presence.

When you choose Creative BYTE=IT in Brandon, Manitoba, you are working on a personal level with a team of local graphic designers and software programmers. At Creative BYTE=IT we believe in the success of our clients and offer ongoing support that will keep your website up and running.

At Creative BYTE=IT we will work with you, and within your budget to present your brand, products, services and company image online as part of your overall marketing strategy.

We know the tools that are available to maximize your website and we are not afraid to use them!

Take your existing business to the next level with a custom designed website!

"Harness the web as a business tool"

No matter what business your are in, your business website is just as important in promoting your business to customers as any other aspect of your company’s presentation.

Advertising Made Easy

Are you having a sale or special event? Custom designed websites provide easy to use and effective promotional tools that will reach your customer base with just a click of the mouse. Advertising on your website is free, easy to reproduce Read more ...

Catalogs & Flyers

Keep your customers up to date about your products and services. Don’t miss out on free email marketing tools showcasing an impressive portfolio of your products and services with our digital catalogs and flyers. Read more ...

Have your own showroom

Don’t you wish that you didn’t have to set up a booth or a table at a tradeshow each year? Our Creative Byte=IT team, working for you here in Brandon Manitoba, can custom design a digital showroom for your business, showcasing Read more ...

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